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The Nerdlesque Fest and NYC shows

Posted on: February 19th, 2014 by satheara No Comments

Over the past few days I have been working hard on getting my New York trip in order. Plane ticket and places to stay? Check. Figured out which acts I am taking to perform? Check. Ordered more rhinestones to get extra sparkly? Check! Not only do I get to spend 8 days with friends and family (my sister lives there now!) that I don’t often get to see, but I get to take my clothes off with some of the sexiest nerds IN THE WORLD! I am super stoked! You can check out all of the shows on I will be performing in the Saturday night show.

In addition to exposing my extreme neediness (hehe… get it… exposing…), I get to celebrate my dear friend Jonny Porkpie’s birthday. Jonny took me under his wing when I didn’t know anyone in New York. Getting naked with all of his friends for his birthday is the best gift I could ever wish to give him! Join me in celebrating at his birthday show at the Slipper Room on  March 31st!

Other places you can see me light up the stage during this trip will be Nurse Bettie on Wednesday, April 2nd; Friday, April 4th at Hotel Chantelle; again late late Friday (or shall I say early Saturday morning?) at Trash! at Webster Hall; and last, but not least, Kitty Nights on Sunday April 6th!

This trip is going to be jam-packed, dripping wet with sexiness, and I cannot wait!!!

I got accepted into the Nerdlesque Festival!

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Last month, I applied for the 1st annual Nerdlesque Festival and yesterday I got the wonderful email that told me that my Gogo Yubari act was accepted. I am so excited to tell everyone I will be back in NYC! I get to nerd out with other sexy nerds, see my friends, my sister (who moved out there in August), and get naked in New York! I plan on being there March 30th-April 7th or 8th. Make sure to keep your schedule clear so you can have a drink with me and watch me get my strip on (or is it off?)!


My Gogo Yubari act!

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I love this act! I hope you will too. =o)


Wow time flies!

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It has been almost a year since I have posted a new entry. You all may be curious what I have been up so I thought I would fill you in on what’s been going on in my life. I moved back to Portland. Yes, yes, you already know this from my last post, what else is new?



Well, I decided to go back to school; massage school! I am loving every minute of it and have found that being actively involved with my well being and helping others heal has helped fill a void I wasn’t aware I had. However, being in school AND learning the ropes in a new job (computers of all things! If you know me, computers are not my thing) while keeping another job at a make-up boutique made performing much less enjoyable. I actually found myself dreading getting ready for shows. So instead of continuing to stress myself out by performing, I stopped. My last show was with the Fondell’s in January.


I focused on school and my personal well being for a good 6 months. I got my studying habits locked down, quit one job so that I could focus more on the other, and at the end of June I spend 10 days silently meditating on a Vipassana course. All of this is to say that I took my break. I spent some time working on myself, and now…


…here I am. Ready to rock again. =o)


I have got a few shows this month so be sure to check out my calendar!



Performing in Seattle!

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Woo! As many of you know, I am an actor as well as burlesque performer. Well I just closed a six week run of the show which brought me back to Portland and I have decided to move back! I missed it here so I am coming back for a year or two. I fly back to New York on Sunday and will be packing up and back in Portland November 1st!  Don’t worry New Yorkers, I have one final performance in New York on October 24th at Duane Park for Calamity Chang’s  Les Fleurs de Shanghai. More details about that show to come later!

I am headed to Seattle this week! I cannot wait to make my Seattle debut tomorrow night at Tuesday Tease with live music by the Lurid Spectacles. Check it out at

Do not forget that there is a double header of Geeklesque Unites this Friday in Seattle at Re-Bar.

Last, but not least, I will be performing at the Pink Door Saturday night!

Okay, Seattle! I will be in you soon!!!!

Six days of traveling…

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The past week has been ALL about traveling. A week ago today I trekked through the New York City subways with two giant suitcases and a carry on. Not an easy thing to do when you have less arms than luggage. I made it to the D20 Burlesque Tour meeting place and then we were on our way! Road tripping with burlesque girls is already awesome. Add a little Dungeons & Dragons into the car ride and you have an unforgettable time! We were on our way to perform at Gen Con, one of the biggest gaming conventions in the US, so it seemed appropriate.

When we arrived at Gen Con on Saturday and get ready to perform I couldn’t help but think to myself, “my life rocks! I am at my first Con, getting ready to take my clothes off in front of a bunch of eager nerds!” When show time came, the crowd was wild! Enthusiastic and excited, they made me extra pumped to get on stage! The entire show went swimmingly and I was lucky enough to get to gogo dance during intermission in my Jade costume! I was a sweaty mess by the end of the three songs, but had so much fun! The second act went even better than the first and we finished the show with Stella, Foxy, and I running up and joining Anja with epic tassel twirling! 

After the show we were exhausted, but woke up so we could enjoy the last day of Gen Con before heading back to New York. The rest of the drive was just us feeling good and playing some D&D. I was back in NYC for about 8 hours before I was off to Portland!

Five days of travel behind me and one more to go! I woke up at 5:15AM so that I could be at the airport at 6 (not an easy thing to do when I didn’t go to bed until 2). I have NEVER slept so easily on a plane before! I slept straight through take off and landing from NYC to Denver International Airport. I had a two hour layover, which passed quickly, and upon boarding my flight to PDX, I again passed out. I was awake during the rocky take off and I awoke shortly before landing, but seriously! I slept through that plane ride too!

So here I am, back home in Portland, OR for two months. I have a few shows here and there and am finishing my time in Portland with three shows in Seattle in October so check out my calender and keep stopping by to see if I have added anymore shows!

Mini Tour with D20 Burlesque and more!

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Exciting news! First off, I am honored to be joining D20 Burlesque, NYC’s premier gamer burlesque show, as we travel out to Indiana (with a quick pit stop in Ohio) to bring nerds in the midwest an evening of theatrical striptease based around some of your favorite board, video and RPG games. Pretty much, I get to go on a road trip with sexy nerds. Yes, my life is awesome!

BONUS SHOW: Friday, August 17th, 10pm at The Shrunken Head, Colombus, OH

THE MAIN EVENT: Saturday, August 18th, 9pm at Gen Con,Indianapolic Convention Center (Westin : Grand Blrm II/III)

If you would like to support geeky burlesque and watch a silly video check out our kickstarter page!

Secondly, I am coming back to my home, Portland, for 8 weeks! I have no shows booked quite yet, but am looking forward to bringing my newest acts back home.

Last, but not least, I will be making my way to Seattle for Geeklesque! in Seattle on October 19th, a co production between Critical Hit Burlesque and Jo Jo Stilleto Productions.

It’s been crazy and exciting trying to get everything organized and packed for 9 weeks out of town, but I just can’t wait!

You can silence my voice, but you can’t stop my body!

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Many of you know me as a singing stripper. A big part of what brought me into the world of burlesque was my background as a singer and I have taken pride in incorporating song with my stripteases. Unfortunately, I am on an involuntary break from singing… or even talking.

I have been diagnosed with every singer’s nightmare: vocal nodules. I shudder as I speak.. er.. think those words. I first began noticing persistent hoarseness and kept trying to figure out why I felt like I was missing something in my voice. I couldn’t explain it other than that. Something I was able to do with ease was missing. Singing was difficult. I had to try harder. And harder is not a good thing when it comes to singing. Finally after two months of struggling I made an appointment with an Ear Nose and Throat doctor. They scoped me (camera through the nose) and videotaped my vocal chords. The doctor circled two bumps from a still he took from the video. Vocal nodules. I start vocal therapy next week and am on absolute vocal rest except for when necessary. Hopefully in two months I will be back to myself and maybe even better and stronger!

But wait, this isn’t a sad post! With the loss of vocal ability comes freedom of the body! I can’t talk or sing, but guess what? I sure can dance! And dance I will! Last night I performed at Nurse Bettie and although I was backstage with a notepad and pen, I killed it onstage. It seems as though the loss of my voice has fueled my fire under the stage lights! Be prepared for two months of energetic dancing and stripping when you see me because nothing can stop me from getting out there and showing you what I’ve got!

Vegas, Portland, and Finally Back to NYC

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It’s been a very busy month! I went to the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas for the first time and was so inspired! The weekend was filled with glittery people and fun activities. Not to mention four nights of amazing shows. The weekend started off with a bang with the Movers, Shakers, and Innovators show Thursday night and kept going strong through to the last performance of the Sunday night Icons and All Stars show which I was honored to stage kitten. Friday night’s show was the Legends show and I was moved to tears. I couldn’t believe how some of these burlesque legends could still bump and grind! Particularly touching was Penny Starr performing with her grand daughter Penny Starr Jr. Saturday night was the much anticipated Titans of Tease Tournament. Congratulations to all of the winners of the evening and to Imogen Kelly, our Reigning Queen of Burlesque! However, I have a special place in my heart for Mr. Russell Bruner who won the title of Mr. Exotic World! Russell is from Portland, OR and although I live in New York now, I am a Portlander at heart. Here is a picture of him right after his big win with The Pink Lady (the queen of his heart), Lana Louche, and myself.

After the amazing weekend I was in a glitter coma, but was excited to return to Portland for the first time since I moved away. I performed at Savoir Faire, Burlynomicon, Geeklesque, Sinferno, and Miss Kennedy’s Cabaret. Before my performance at Miss Kennedy’s Cabaret, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by RockNRoll Ruby and the Black Widower for The blackRuby show! In addition, I met up with one of my favorite videographers and will soon be posting a new video. Stay tuned for more promo pin ups because how could I visit Portland and not shoot with Mike Long of Portland Pin-Ups? Here is one of the images we shot while I was in town!

Since coming back to New York a week ago, I have been busy! I have had four shows and celebrated my birthday! I mean, what better way to celebrate my birth than by getting naked?!

June was a fun filled month, but the next month is exciting too so keep checking back for updates on shows.

I might be in your town

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I’ll be in Las Vegas for the Burlesque Hall of Fame May 31st through June 4th. And you know what they say about Vegas. 😉

Then it’s off to Portland, Oregon the 4th through the 18th. You can catch me at:

  • Savoir Faire at the Hawthorne Theater June 7th
  • Burlynomicon at The Lovecraft June 12th
  • Portland Famous! at Dante’s on June 13th
  • Geeklesque at the Star Theater June 15th
  • Miss Kennedy’s Cabaret at Dante’s June 17th

I’ll be back in NYC as a special guest at Shaken and Stirred at the Delancey on June 27th. The show starts at 10pm, but if you come a little early, I might let you buy me a drink.