Mini Tour with D20 Burlesque and more!

Posted on: August 11th, 2012 by satheara No Comments

Exciting news! First off, I am honored to be joining D20 Burlesque, NYC’s premier gamer burlesque show, as we travel out to Indiana (with a quick pit stop in Ohio) to bring nerds in the midwest an evening of theatrical striptease based around some of your favorite board, video and RPG games. Pretty much, I get to go on a road trip with sexy nerds. Yes, my life is awesome!

BONUS SHOW: Friday, August 17th, 10pm at The Shrunken Head, Colombus, OH

THE MAIN EVENT: Saturday, August 18th, 9pm at Gen Con,Indianapolic Convention Center (Westin : Grand Blrm II/III)

If you would like to support geeky burlesque and watch a silly video check out our kickstarter page!

Secondly, I am coming back to my home, Portland, for 8 weeks! I have no shows booked quite yet, but am looking forward to bringing my newest acts back home.

Last, but not least, I will be making my way to Seattle for Geeklesque! in Seattle on October 19th, a co production between Critical Hit Burlesque and Jo Jo Stilleto Productions.

It’s been crazy and exciting trying to get everything organized and packed for 9 weeks out of town, but I just can’t wait!

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