You can silence my voice, but you can’t stop my body!

Posted on: July 12th, 2012 by satheara No Comments

Many of you know me as a singing stripper. A big part of what brought me into the world of burlesque was my background as a singer and I have taken pride in incorporating song with my stripteases. Unfortunately, I am on an involuntary break from singing… or even talking.

I have been diagnosed with every singer’s nightmare: vocal nodules. I shudder as I speak.. er.. think those words. I first began noticing persistent hoarseness and kept trying to figure out why I felt like I was missing something in my voice. I couldn’t explain it other than that. Something I was able to do with ease was missing. Singing was difficult. I had to try harder. And harder is not a good thing when it comes to singing. Finally after two months of struggling I made an appointment with an Ear Nose and Throat doctor. They scoped me (camera through the nose) and videotaped my vocal chords. The doctor circled two bumps from a still he took from the video. Vocal nodules. I start vocal therapy next week and am on absolute vocal rest except for when necessary. Hopefully in two months I will be back to myself and maybe even better and stronger!

But wait, this isn’t a sad post! With the loss of vocal ability comes freedom of the body! I can’t talk or sing, but guess what? I sure can dance! And dance I will! Last night I performed at Nurse Bettie and although I was backstage with a notepad and pen, I killed it onstage. It seems as though the loss of my voice has fueled my fire under the stage lights! Be prepared for two months of energetic dancing and stripping when you see me because nothing can stop me from getting out there and showing you what I’ve got!

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